Newborn baby nest co-sleeper Sofuto Babynest Сoffee dots

$ 48.90

Cozy cocoon-nest Sofuto Babynest creates a comfortable chamber space for your baby. The position in the cocoon is similar to, in which more recently the child was in the womb of the mother. Therefore, it is more familiar and comfortable than a large single baby cot.

The cocoon-nest is conveniently placed in a baby cot, stroller, on a changing table or on a large parent bed to create a separate safe sleeping place for the baby. Bumpers can be pulled down or dissolved according to your desire. The rollers will limit the turns of the baby and will not allow him to roll back.

As a gift to the nest is an orthopedic pillow under the head for a newborn. It can be used either directly in the nest cocoon or separately.

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