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You are on the site sofuto-tex.com. Let’s get acquainted. Let me tell you a little about us and what we are doing here.

My name is Marina Minakova, I am the founder, ceo and ideological inspirer of the company Sofuto. We are in Russia, the city of Belgorod, we invent and inspire in life our ideas about how clothes for the little ones should look. Our feature is the production of cool clothes for newborns from quality materials and accessories.

Since 2011, I have been developing an online store for maternity and nursing mothers. This online store still exists. We delivered tens of thousands of orders to all corners of Russia. That is why my team and I know firsthand about the needs of pregnant women, what they need, what goods and what service.

In our online store of goods for pregnant women, we sold goods from third-party manufacturers, but the desire to produce something on our own only increased. In 2013, we began to produce a line of pillows for pregnant women under the brand Sofuto. The main idea for the production was uncompromising quality: only the best filler and fabric made from 100% cotton.

At the end of 2016, we began to sew textiles for the nursery (bumpers in a crib, quilts, sheets, etc.) and in 2017 decided on knitwear. Now we have large sewing factory and dozens of qualified seamstresses. Our factory has a state registration for compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the countries of the customs union.

At the moment our main product is “Newborn baby take home clothing set”. This is a set of clothes for the first months of life of a newborn baby, consisting of a set of outerwear and underwear. In fact, this is an exhaustive package containing everything a baby needs from birth to about three months. But that is not all. We make these kits special, fun. After all, when after a while you will be reviewing photos of the first days, weeks and months – these memories are priceless.

But that’s not all! If necessary, we take into account the individual wishes of the customer when sewing clothes for newborns. This may include colors or clothing size. We can sew clothes smaller in size for premature babies or in multiple pregnancies. Or vice versa – at the request of the customer to sew the size larger. All you need is to write us a message in any way you like.

In addition, we produce swaddling blankets, textile babynests. You can view the full list of our products on our main website (this site is in Russian) sofuto.ru At the moment we are working on filling this site for English-speaking visitors. While not all of our products are on it.

You can make an order on our website. If you have any questions, need a consultation or have special wishes for the product – write us a message.

About shipping. In short, we know everything about delivery. Since 2011, we have delivered orders to all corners of the boundless Russia. We deliver many orders to Belarus and Kazakhstan. We made deliveries to Mexico and Germany, the UK.

About payment. At the moment for Western Europe, Great Britain and America it is good to pay with PayPal. If you have a persistent rejection to PayPal or you do not know what it is or do not want to know – there is a bank transfer. It will be longer and more expensive, but it also works.

Company details: Individual entrepreneur Minakova Marina V.

Our address: Russia, 308011, Belgorod, Bohdan Khmelnitsky Avenue, 137.

For all questions, you can send us a message from the feedback page.

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