Caticorn Winter Newborn baby girl coming home outfit

$ 1.49

Your newborn baby girl will look adorable in this baby girl coming home outfit. It’s the perfect coming home outfit from the hospital, walking with a child outdoors or to give as a gift.

The set is suitable from birth to 3 months. It is ideal for a winter newborn for outdoor temperatures between 14 and 40 °F (-10 to + 5 degrees Celsius).

The set consists of 3 layers of clothing. The first layer of top quality knitted fabric so that only the most delicate fabrics touch your baby’s skin. The second layer of a warm hat and lined jumpsuit – will keep the baby’s warmth, and the third layer of a warm blanket – will protect him from the weather. If you wish, you can supplement the set or replace its elements according to the weather.

This is a ready-made set. Sold only in full set.

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